Douglass Park Elementary School

Club Information

Douglass Park Elementary School
34 Grand St.
Portsmouth, VA 23701


Hours of Operation

3:40-8:00pm - School Year Hours

School Year Fees

$20.00/yearly membership fee

$20.00/monthly program fee

Summer Fees

$20.00/yearly membership fee per child

$20.00/one time summer registration fee per child

$40.00/every two weeks per child

Money Orders & Debit/Credit Cards ONLY

Members must attend Douglass Park Elementary

Must be between the ages of 6-12

Summer Registration Times

Beginning May 1, 2017 6:00pm-8:00pm

Unit Director - Natasha Stewart

Click HERE for the membership application

Click HERE for the afterschool program application

Click HERE if you are military to have your membership fee waived (Must provide proof of military background)

*All applications must be approved by the Unit Director


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