Featured Member

Briana's membership at the Rosemont Boys & Girls Clubs started at the tender age of 6 years old. Always one to smile and invite a new friend to her, Briana is usually chosen by many to disarm the fears of our new members with her welcoming smile and willingness to mentor.

At just 7 years old Briana made it known  that she aspired to do martial art with Virginia Beach Goju, when it opened at the Rosemont Club in 2010. But because of her age, we'd only allow her to watch. Kicking the doors down, Briana finally made it in at the age of 8, becoming the most consistent and dedicated student, achieving her intermediate status of a green belt in less than a year.

As a prerequisite in the continuation of Virginia Beach Goju, Briana exhibited academic successes from the 2nd to the 5th grade, where she continues to maintain her level of excellence at Landstown Elementary.

Keep up the good work, Briana.


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